Tineke is sinds 1990 werkzaam als klassiek freelance violiste in diverse Nederlandse orkesten en ensembles (zie “about”) en zoekt daarnaast ook graag andere muzikale paden op. Een goed voorbeeld van dat laatste is de CD Midday Moon (Tineke de Jong:viool, Albert van Veenendaal:piano, Hans Hasebos:marimba en Alan Purves:slagwerk), deze CD is  op 22 februari 2009 gepresenteerd in Zaal 100 onder het label Brokken Records van Corrie van Binsbergen.

De laatste recensie over deze CD is hier te lezen, geschreven door Beppe Colli op 6 Augustus 2009 voor

Er is op 15 maart 2009 op jazzflits (nr.114, pagina 7, of klik op de directe link hieronder) een mooie recensie verschenen over de CD Midday Moon.

“Kortom: Tineke de Jong heeft een droomdebuut afgeleverd met beeldende muziek, die grenzen verkent maar nergens abstract wordt.” Herman te Loo

Als u niet de hele jazzflits wilt bekijken, kunt u de recensie hier ook direct lezen.

Er zijn nog twee goede recensies over Midday Moon verschenen, één op jazzenzo door Rinus van der Heijden, en de andere op

CD Midday Moon released/news/reviews

Tineke has been a freelance classical violinist for about 24 years, working in mainly Dutch orchestras and ensembles. She also enjoys working outside the classical field and produced the CD “Middy Moon” in 2009 with Albert van Veenendaal (piano), Alan Purves (percussion) and Hans Hasebos (marimba), the CD has been released on Corrie van Binsbergen’s Brokken Records label. The formal presentation was on the 22nd of February 2009 at a concert in Zaal 100.

Highlights from reviews:

“No concession to the recession, this is something special and daring from dutch origin….The compositions are atmospheric and radiate freshness and innovation…Recommended to anybody who loves modern, beautiful and unusual music. Buy it.  February 2009

“Tineke de Jong has delivered a dream debut with pictorial music that explores boundaries without getting abstract” Herman te Loo March 2009

“Anybody who thinks that this is one of those countless efforts to merge jazz and classical music gets hold of the wrong end of the stick. Tineke de Jong and Albert van Veenendaal have both concentrated on the different worlds they emerge from. Albert improvises without style boundaries, and Tineke doesn’t stick to classical conventions. It is very beautiful to discover how they end up playing together and making a move in the direction of free improvisation with Alan Purves and Hans Hasebos. In the end Midday Moon has become a CD to sit down with and listen to. It doesn’t invite to fast and easy consumption. but anybody who takes the effort to listen through the so called “difficulties” is presented with a very tasty dish”  Rinus van der Heijden  March 2009

The latest very detailed review can be read here, it was written by Beppe Colli in August 2009 for